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Founded in 2011, RPD is built upon the vision to provide innovative, sustainable and affordable cleaning solutions for every business and consumer. RPD is short for Reiningung Produkte Design which means The Cleaning Product Design Company in Swiss German.

One of the company’s greatest success stories come from our brand – Greenwipes®. Greenwipes®, the brain child of RPD, is a technologically advanced wiping material manufactured using a fusion of recycled of plastic bottles and cellulose (paper). The end result is a material that is as absorbent as regular tissue paper yet strong like cloth – a first of its kind in Asia. Its versatility was remarkable – and has since been seamlessly incorporated into cleaning and wiping jobs across countless industries.

With this innovation, all businesses are now able to access a sustainable and effective wiping material at a price that falls way below even dirty cloth rags.

Today, Greenwipes® has grown into the one of the most reputable and respected brands in the wipes industry. Countless corporations, from SMEs to Fortune 500 companies from the aviation, automotive, electrical & electronic, foods & health care sectors have come to rely on Greenwipes® as their wiping solutions partner of choice.


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